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Tom Groves
February 24, 2011
5pm Wortmann Ballroom

Tom Groves is Director of Strategic Planning for GSW Worldwide, one of the largest medical advertising networks in the world, specializing in communication to healthcare professionals. Tom leads the agency's planning and customer insight capability across all GSW offices that include Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, and the agency's worldwide network.  Most recently, he has worked developing creative for GSW's key clients, Bayer, Merck and Covidien. Before he entered the world of advertising, Tom was Visiting Professor of Art History and Archaeology at Rutgers University, the culmination of the many years in academia spent earning degrees at Cornell  (BA in Classics), the University of Illinois (MA in Classical Philology) and Princeton University (MA in Classical Archaeology).


Jonathan Haidt
March 16, 2011
8pm Olin Theater

Jonathan Haidt is currently researching the psychology of politics. He has identified five innate psychological systems that seem to be the foundations upon which all cultures build their moralities. Nearly all human moralities use two of these five foundations: concerns about harm vs care, and concerns about fairness and reciprocity. Political liberals elaborate only these two foundations, creating moral systems that celebrate individuals, autonomy, rights, and the protection of the vulnerable. But political conservatives and many religious communities rely heavily on three additional systems, systems that bind people together into cooperative and interdependent groups: ingroup/loyalty, authority/respect, and purity/sanctity. Although Haidt is a moderate liberal himself, his research in India and his research for The Happiness Hypothesis showed him that there is wisdom about the causes of human flourishing to be found in all long-enduring cultural and philosophical traditions. He is currently leading an effort to help liberals and conservatives understand and respect each other, in the hope of fostering a more civil form of politics in the United States. (See


The Savarese Family

March 29-30, 2011

Ralph and Emily Savarese adopted a severely autistic boy and Ralph has written a book, Reasonable People, about their experience - Ralph, Emily, and their son DJ will all be coming to campus.  They have been featured on television programs like CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," and NPR's "Diane Rehm Show."  Ralph is a professor of English at Grinnell College in Iowa; he has published widely.  They will give an evening presentation and also be available for class visits.


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