About Interlibrary Loan

1. What is interlibrary loan? How much does it cost to use this service?
It's not uncommon for students and faculty to learn about publications that might be useful for research, but aren't owned by Fintel Library (or Hollins' library). Interlibrary loan, commonly referred to as ILL, is a free service whereby we attempt to secure your information needs by requesting that other libraries lend us the item for your use. This means that you might be able to check out items from other libraries as far away as the West Coast. This is a fantastic way to obtain additional resources to strengthen your papers and projects. The trick is to start your research early so that you allow enough time for the ILL items to arrive. If you think you might benefit from this service, please click the links on the left of this page to make your request(s) or email the library's ILL coordinator.

2. How will I know that my ILL items have arrived? Where do I pick them up?
You will receive an email from the ILL coordinator when your items have arrived. The items can be picked up at the lending services desk any time during open hours (unless otherwise noted in the email from the ILL coordinator). Please pay special attention to the due dates on ILL items as they almost always have different due dates than those used by Fintel Library.