Faculty Carrel Policy

Fintel Library provides lockable study rooms for faculty research. Studies have ample work space and are equipped with a computer network connection and electrical outlets.


Studies provide an area for research requiring library resources and services to be close at hand. Examples of such research include publication preparations, paper presentations, dissertations, and sabbatical projects.

Use is intended for defined projects of a short-term nature and not as additional office space.


Room assignments are for one semester. Studies may be renewed for one additional semester upon re-application.

Library materials must be checked-out before being shelved in the study. Non-circulating materials cannot be kept in a study.

Based on need faculty members may be requested to share a study. Priority is given to those on sabbatical and then other full-time faculty.

Studies may be used only during the Library’s regular operating hours.

Neither mail or messages are delivered to the studies.

Faculty Carrel Request Form