Roanoke College

INQ110 Library Instruction Guidelines


All INQ110 classes must schedule a library instruction session.

Coordinate your instruction session with a specific research assignment the students will need to complete. The instruction session needs to be integrated into the work the students are doing, not an add-on.

Prior to the library session, give me a copy of the assignment and any other pertinent details. This allows me to customize the session for the particular assignment.

You must accompany your class to the library session. This is important for several reasons. It conveys to your students your belief in the importance of the content of the library instruction. Your presence acts as a subtle motivator for the students to pay attention. And your presence indicates that lifelong learning is a part of being an educated person. Your participation makes a difference. If you cannot be present, we can reschedule the session.

Prepare your class for the library instruction session by doing the following:

Stress to the students that research is an important component of a liberal arts education, to their growth as educated persons, and specifically to complete the current assignment.

Tell your students to be ready to participate. It will be a "hands on" session. They should come prepared to work.

During the library instruction session, you need to be an active partner. Ask questions, stress information that is important for your assignment, and offer comments on how you have used a particular database or search strategy. You can also help me by making sure the students are on the correct web page.

Encourage and/or require that students use articles taken from library databases and print sources for their bibliographies.

Follow up at the next class meeting by reinforcing points from the library instruction that are particularly important for the current assignment. Ask students what questions they have about the library. Ask students if they can be successful in using the library resources for the current assignment. If they have questions, are still confused, or cannot locate resources, please let me know. Ask them to schedule a reference appointment or stop by to see me or email their questions to me