Roanoke College



Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your students’ bibliographies?
Are you tired of seeing only websites listed in the works cited page?

What should a Roanoke College graduate have/know about information in his/her major field of study???

  • A curious attitude
  • An enjoyment of browsing
  • LC call number areas for the field and related interdisciplinary areas
  • How to use a library catalog
  • Specialized encyclopedias, subject dictionaries and biographical sources in the field
  • Major journals in the field
  • Relevant journal indexes and the basics of searching them effectively
  • Proper citation style in this field
  • When and how to use interlibrary loan
  • Important practical tools such as career books and where jobs are listed, association directories, graduate school catalogs
  • The most important Internet resources
  • How to evaluate library and Internet sources for relevance, accuracy, and authority
  • What plagiarism is
  • How to integrate disciplinary information into written text

Librarians can assist in teaching these skills to your students.  Schedule a research instruction class by calling X2295 or emailing Piper Cumbo at