Roanoke College

Gifts Policy


Fintel Library has received many valuable, noteworthy, and useful gifts over the years. These items contribute greatly to the quality of the library's collection.

Gifts are accepted when they support the research needs of students and faculty. Not all items are suitable for fulfilling this role at Roanoke College though they may be appropriate for other academic, public, or special libraries.

Gifts are subject to the same policies and procedures as purchased items. These procedures apply to the acceptance, processing, location, retention, and disposition of items.

Gifts may qualify as legitimate deductions for tax purposes. However, the Library is considered to be an interested party; therefore, it cannot provide value estimations. Donors are responsible for appraisal expenses. The Library can assist in identifying an appraiser.

Gifts are acknowledged by letter and also by the inclusion of a bookplate when appropriate.

Fintel Library is particularly desirous to acquire the following materials:

  • Titles that would be unique to the collection and contribute toward the Roanoke College curriculum.
  • Older materials that are considered classics or standards. Also, materials distinguished by their edition, autograph, and historical significance.
  • Periodical issues that replace missing issues or that contribute to the length of a current subscription.
  • Works by authors associated with the Roanoke College community.
  • Cash contributions are welcome and may be designated to purchase particular titles or titles in specific subject areas if consistent with the Collection Development Policy. Contributions made in honor or in memory of others are so designated.

Materials normally declined by the Library are duplicates, textbooks, and items in poor physical condition. These and other titles not added to the collection are offered free of charge to the College community.