Weeding Policy

Fintel Library’s primary mission is to meet current undergraduate research needs. Thus, the Library strives to provide a collection designed for active use by its students and the campus community.

Accomplishing this goal requires a weeding policy with specific guidelines, which is continuously implemented. Before being discarded each item is reviewed by the appropriate staff member based upon professional judgment and knowledge of the collection and curriculum. Librarians may at times look to the archivist and faculty members for their recommendations.

Titles, which may be weeded, are identified using the criteria below.

  1. Superseded editions not containing unique information, data, or providing a historical reference not available in the most current edition
  2. Titles unused within a reasonable time period based upon subject and scope of the work except for such items considered classics or standard editions
  3. Duplicate titles unless a proven demand exists for multiple copies
  4. Materials which do not support the current Roanoke College curriculum
  5. Items in poor condition which are beyond reasonable preservation efforts (based on student needs replacement titles may be ordered)

Federal documents (in all formats) received through the Depository system must follow federal laws in deciding what to withdraw and the procedures to be followed.

Withdrawn materials are offered to campus community members for their personal use.