Roanoke College

About the Registrar


The Registrar's Office is a central location for many kinds of information. This office is located in the Administration Building on the first floor (Room 100). You may want to visit the Registrar's Office in order to seek information, to provide us with information, or to obtain a specific form for use in your academic program.

Information which we can provide:

  • Eligibility verification - Form should be brought to office for signatures and final information.
  • Can answer questions about locating faculty or staff members or give direction to an office that can answer specific questions for you.
  • Verification of enrollment periods for insurance purposes, etc.
  • Academic information pertaining to your record.

Information that you can provide to us:

  • Please notify the Registrar's Office if you have an address change.
  • Please notify the Registrar's Office if you are ill. A notice will be sent to your instructors to tell them when you will be able to return to classes.

The staff of the Registrar's Office at Roanoke College follows the mission statement of the American Association of College Registrar's and Admissions Officers.

Phone: 540-375-2210