Roanoke College

Carl Sherertz


Program: Carl Sherertz '42

Carl Sherertz '42 is proud to claim that he is a Roanoke College alumnus. Much of
that pride arises from the College's athletic programs.

Accepted into schools such as Washington & Lee and Alabama, the Roanoke, VA,
native chose to attend his hometown college. Although Roanoke's academic
reputation certainly had a bearing on his decision, the success of its athletic teams
was the deal maker. "Who would have thought that this small, liberal arts school
would have made it to the NIT Tournament [1938-39]?" he says.

So that other alumni and current students enjoy the same rush of pride that he feels, Sherertz financially supports several athletic programs, including the Donald J. Kerr Stadium and the tennis facilities. Due in
great part to the availability of such first-rate facilities, in 2006 Men's Fitness magazine ranked Roanoke as the nineteenth fittest college in the country.

The retired assistant vice president at Merrill Lynch, World War II veteran, avid tennis player and world traveler is into his 22nd year as an Associate. "I have been privileged to a lot of interesting programs
and have met different alumni who I might not have known before," he states.

His new campaign is to reinstate football on the campus and to revive the Maroon Club. "We need to get our alumni excited," he proclaims, "and back to campus more often."