Catherine Fix

Church: Catherine Fix

Catherine Fix of Martinsburg, WV, insisted that each of her children attend a different institution because, she rationalized, "they had gone all through school in each other's shadow, so it was time for them to become individuals." Linda Fix Irving '70 chose Roanoke College and, her mother reports, had "a wonderful four years."

When all the children had graduated from their colleges, Fix and her husband, the late Dr. L. Walter Fix, wrestled with a decision: which one of the five colleges would they continue to support? "We settled on Roanoke because it is a Lutheran college," she explains. Fix, a member of the Society of 1842 and donor to the Lutheran Nurturing Growth Initiative, has been an Associate for 24 years.

None of her other children have expressed any reservations about her choice. In fact, Roanoke has become a family tradition - granddaughter Rachael Hadsell graduated in 1997, and grandson Jeremiah Mercurio in 2001.

"It's a good, good school," Fix acknowledges. "And I have thoroughly enjoyed being an Associate."