Roanoke College

The Logan Family


Scholarship: The Logan Family

"Roanoke College is a real asset to the community," explains Joseph D. Logan III.
That's one reason Joe, his brother George, and his sister Anna Logan Lawson
continue to support a scholarship their father began even though none of the
three is a Roanoke College graduate.

The Joseph D. Logan Endowed Scholarship was established in the 1940s by Joseph
D. Logan, Jr., '19, in memory of his father, Roanoke College trustee Joseph D. Logan,
Class of 1873. Due to the efforts by the donor's late widow and the three children,
the fund has grown from its original $400 to well over $200,000.

All three Logan children attended college on scholarship-Joe to Princeton, George to UVA, and Anna to Hollins- and all three earned graduate degrees. Financial aid, Joe says, "motivated us to do well."

Not only are they honoring their father and grandfather by contributing to this fund, but they also are repaying the generosity they received by helping deserving Roanoke College students. Joe admits that he did take an accounting class at Roanoke following graduation from Princeton and discovered that "I didn't much like accounting." Next stop was Washington & Lee, where he earned a
law degree.

Now that Joe, who calls himself a "recovering attorney," has retired from practice in the Roanoke Valley, he and his wife enjoy the special events available to Associates. Of a recent visit Joe states, "I am so impressed with this beautiful campus-and with the students. They all look so nice, are so friendly, and display such good manners."

The Logan family deserves some credit for this atmosphere. Without their scholarship, many of those students might not be at Roanoke College.