Challenge #1: Great liberal arts degree from Roanoke College - Not so great job market.

Challenge #2: Roanoke College must ensure that future students have access to that same great liberal arts degree.

Challenge #3: Alums want to participate in leadership giving programs, but do not - quite yet - have the resources to do so.

Solution: Young Associates. Through this new program, Roanoke will offer our recent alumni membership in a leadership giving society at a graduated level. First year out $100; second year out $200; and so on. Young Associates will connect with emerging and established business and community leaders via GoToMeeting webinar, while learning how to navigate today's ever evolving job market. The webinars, in partnership with Career Services will feature topics from job search strategies, resume writing, interviewing, using social media to network and numerous other topics. Young Associates are also honored with a special reception during Alumni Weekend in April.

Young Associates = Turning Challenges into solutions for you and RC!

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Your participation in Young Associates helps students like Kaitlyn Bell '14 and Chris Besse ‘14.

For more information about Young Associates, please contact Kelly Shaver, Assistant Director of the Roanoke Fund, at 540-375-2268 or



Alumni Weekend


Years Out Yearly/Monthly
1* $100/$8.33
2 $200/$16.66
3 $300/$25
4 $400/$33.33
5 $500/$41.66
6 $600/$50
7 $700/$58.33
8 $800/$66.66
9 $900/$75

*This includes recent grads. Note: If you graduated in the summer, your starting year will be the previous May. If you graduated in December, your starting year will be the following June.