Roanoke Review

The Roanoke Review is an annual national journal which publishes poems and short fiction every spring. It was established in 1967 by Henry Taylor, who was a past Roanoke College English professor and Pulitzer Prize recipient. For current contests, guidelines, interviews, and more, please see the Roanoke Review blog.

English Professor Dr. Paul Hanstedt works alongside four Roanoke College students and alumnus to create The Roanoke Review. Hanstedt and his group pride themselves on their hard work and dedication to the project and are confident that the authors who are highlighted in the journal are readable, instead of obscure.

The Roanoke Review is supported by Roanoke College and is staffed by faculty and students of the Roanoke College English Department.


2010 Fiction Contest

Distributing $1,000 to some creative soul and $500 to the soul placing second

Prize winner and runners-up will be published in the 2011 issue.

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