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Submission Guidelines


Complete guidelines for online and mail submissions can be found on our blog.

The Roanoke Review publishes poetry and short fiction annually. Submissions are accepted from September 1 - February 1. We select poems up to 100 lines in length and fiction up to 5,000 words. You may send up to five poems per submission, though we do not accept multiple submissions of fiction. Simultaneous submissions of either genre are fine.

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply. A cover letter is preferred.

Sample copies are available for $5.00 including postage. Current copies available for $8. Two-year subscriptions are available for $13.00.

Please allow 10-12 weeks for response.

Roanoke Review
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Email: review (at) roanoke (dot) edu

The Roanoke Review owns first rights of any materials it publishes.