Maroon Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get Maroon Alerts?
The Maroon Alerts system is designed for students, faculty and staff who may be affected directly by an emergency situation on or nearby the campus.

Why should I sign up for Maroon Alerts?
The Maroon Alerts system allows information to be disseminated very quickly via text messaging and e-mail. The College can notify registered users in a short time frame. Text messages can be received via cell phone without access to a computer.

Will my cell phone number be kept confidential?
Yes. Cell phone numbers obtained by Maroon Alerts are not shared or sold to any other systems or services.

How many Maroon Alerts text messages will I receive?
Maroon Alerts text and e-mail messages will be sent only to alert you to emergency situations when there is an imminent threat to public safety. If you sign up for weather-related alerts, you will also receive Maroon Alerts when weather conditions impact the College's operating schedule. The exact number is difficult to predict, but there should be very few. You will receive messages within seconds of their transmission, assuming your cell phone is powered on.

What do I need to get Maroon Alerts, and how much does it cost?
All you need is a cell phone with text messaging capabilities. There is no charge to users for signing up. Individual cell phone plans will apply normal charges for the text message.

What if I change my cell phone service provider or phone number?
If you change your phone number or cellular service provider, you need to make the appropriate changes to your Maroon Alerts account to avoid an interruption in service.

How do I sign up for Maroon Alerts?
Follow these simple steps to register as a Maroon Alerts user:

1. Complete the online form. (You'll need to create a separate user name and password from your Roanoke College account.)

2. After you hit Create Account, a confirmation page will appear and ask you for your validation code.

3. Check your cell phone - You should receive a text message with a 4-digit validation code. (The message should come from

4. Enter the code on the confirmation page and hit Validate. That's it - you're signed up!

Why are there two categories?
There are two categories called "campus alerts" and "closings and delays". Signing up for "campus alerts" means you will get information regarding imminent safety concerns. Signing up for "closings and delays" means you will receive a Maroon Alert when the College makes a change to its schedule due to weather conditions. In the event of weather-related schedule changes, all other methods of notification (local media, campus wide e-mail, etc.) still will be employed in addition to the Maroon Alerts system. To sign up for both services, two separate online forms must be completed. See for details.

What is my username and password?
At the Maroon Alerts sign-up Web page, you will be prompted to create an account especially for Maroon Alerts. This is different from any information stored on the Roanoke College network. You can choose a similar or dissimilar username and password, but they are not related to those on the Roanoke College network and, therefore, will not change when you change your Roanoke College network information.

What if I am not able to register?
For registration assistance, e-mail your mobile phone number and the name of your provider to . Indicate you want to register with Roanoke College's Maroon Alerts system.

What is e2Campus?
e2Campus is the off-site vendor with whom Roanoke College has contracted to provide the Maroon Alerts service. There are advantages to having an off-site vendor host the service. For example, if a widespread power outage affected Roanoke's campus, we could still use the e2Campus service to communicate with Maroon Alerts users.

How can I opt-out of Maroon Alerts?
The system is totally optional. You must sign up to begin service, but if you would like, you can opt-out (discontinue) at any time just as quickly and easily as you signed up. Log in to your Maroon Alerts account for detailed instructions.

What does it mean to shelter in place?
Shelter in place means to take shelter where you are or in the nearest location available (whether a classroom, office or bedroom). A few things to remember:

  • Lock or barricade doors.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Close blinds/windows.
  • Turn off radios, TVs and computer monitors.
  • Keep occupants calm, quiet and out of sight.
  • Keep yourself out of sight and take adequate protection/cover (i.e. desks, file cabinets, concrete walls).
  • Silence cell phone ringers, unless needed for communication with authorities.

Can parents sign up for Maroon Alerts?
Although Maroon Alerts are intended primarily for students, faculty and staff, it is possible for parents to sign up if they wish. The college does not plan to use Maroon Alerts as a primary method of contacting parents.

I don't have text messaging on my cell phone. Will I still be notified by email?
Yes, the college will continue to use all-campus e-mails to notify the campus community of emergency situations. In weather cases, the college will also notify local news media as it has in the past. Maroon Alerts also offers an e-mail distribution also so even those who do not use text messaging can sign up for e-mail delivery of Maroon Alerts. E-mail sign up is a separate step so even those who sign up for text messaging need to log into Maroon Alerts and enter their preferred e-mail.

I have a TRAC phone. Can I get Maroon Alerts?
TRAC phones (those with pre-paid service) do not have the ability to receive Maroon Alerts text messages. TRAC phone users may sign up for email alerts.

An important reminder : The Roanoke College Web site is the primary and most complete resource for current emergency information. Maroon Alerts is just one of the methods the College will use to communicate emergency information. If appropriate, global e-mails, the telephone switchboard, flyers, local media and other communication tools will also be used.