Campus Emergency Phones

The red emergency phones on campus provide direct contact with the campus switchboard during the day and the Campus Safety Office during the evening. Red emergency phones are provided in the following buildings: Olin Hall, Miller Hall, Lucas Hall, Trout Hall, Trexler Hall, Life Science Building, Fintel Library, Alumni Gym, West Hall, and Bast Center. Yellow courtesy telephone boxes are located outside residence halls and the Belk Fitness Center. These phones can be used to call any campus telephone number including campus safety. The courtesy phones also have an emergency button that, when pushed, dials 911 (City of Salem Police, Fire and Rescue). Campus Safety also provides escorts and assistance to motorists on campus at no charge.

Be Aware of Warning Signs

  • Keep college officials, Campus Safety and residence life staff aware of any personal or relationship problem that has the potential to lead to violence.
  • If there is someone in the college community that you know who is in emotional distress, please let a college staff person know so that counseling or other help can be obtained for the person.
  • Any threats of violence or indications of volatile behavior, regardless of how insignificant it may appear, need to be reported.
  • Weapons are not permitted on the Roanoke College campus. If you become aware of dangerous weapons or firearms on campus please report this information immediately to Campus Safety.
  • Know how to get immediate help in an emergency. There are yellow emergency phones at all residence halls and in certain academic buildings. These phones permit calling on campus and also have a 911 button. Campus Safety Officers have radio communications with the Salem 911 dispatchers and are notified of 911 calls originating from campus.

Things to consider in the event of an Active Shooter

     (watch this video from the Homeland Security)