Strategic Plan & Annual Goals

Strategic Plan

By its 175th year in 2017, Roanoke College will be one of the nation's top one hundred liberal arts colleges. Increasing the national prominence and reputation of Roanoke College is a vision shared by all members of the Roanoke College community.

Our pursuit is rooted in our commitment to liberal learning. We refer to that tradition in our document on the liberal arts at Roanoke called "Freedom with Purpose" which best describes the intentions of what we offer to students. Our strategic plan is designed to realize this vision of educating students for "freedom with purpose" and will make a Roanoke College education nationally distinctive.

The Roanoke strategic plan has five overarching themes, with objectives under each theme. The objectives, those identified here as well as those that will emerge during the realization of our strategic plan, are designed to establish Roanoke as a top liberal arts college. An annual planning process across all divisions of the College will enable the campus community to set and monitor our progress on an on-going basis.

Theme #1: To provide broad, deep and experiential education programs that advance our vision of "Freedom with Purpose."

Theme #2: To link the academic, co-curricular and residential experience in ways that embody the "Freedom with Purpose" vision.

Theme #3: To Embrace Our Leadership Role in and Relationship with the Roanoke Valley

Theme #4: To Affirm that People Make the Difference

Theme #5: To Support our Ambitions: Enrollment, Financial Operation and Resources, Property, Align Reputation with Reality, and Provide an Active and Engaged Process

Complete Version of the Roanoke College Strategic Plan