Roanoke College

Distressed and Disruptive Students


Students in Distress

This informational guide was developed by the Dean of Students Office to aid faculty and staff in assisting students who are experiencing difficulties at Roanoke College.

Emergency 911
Campus Safety ext. 2310
Care Team ext. 2592
Counseling Center ext. 2302
Dean of Students Office ext. 2592
Health Services ext. 2286
Chaplain's Office ext. 2300
Residence Life ext. 2308
Registrar's Office ext. 2210
Center for Learning & Teaching ext. 2247
Enrollment/Student Success ext. 2446

If you are dealing with a student who displays questionable behavior:

  • Be aware of the location of the nearest telephone, whether it is within the building or a personal cell phone.
  • If you are concerned for your safety or that of others, call Campus Safety or 911 immediately.
  • If the student is causing a disruption to the living-learning environment but does not pose an immediate threat:
    • discuss the situation with the student to address the inappropriate behavior.
    • ask the student to leave the room.
    • refer the matter to Care Team using the using the RC Cares online form (