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Conduct Violations & Who to Contact


Student Behavior at Roanoke College

Roanoke College is an academic community guided by the principles of honesty, respect, and personal responsibility. Consequently, there is both an Academic Integrity Code and Student Conduct Code.

Student Conduct Code Violations

The College-student relationship is based on a contractual agreement that the student enters into voluntarily. By joining the College community the student agrees to abide by the policies of the College. An individual is considered to be enrolled at the College from the time of their first deposit or upon being readmitted until graduation, official withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion. Individuals are subject to the Student Conduct Code as long as they are enrolled at the College, including breaks. Violations of the Student Conduct Code are categorized as follows:

  1. Offenses Against Persons
  2. Offenses Against Property
  3. Offenses Against the Community
  4. Offenses Against the Student Conduct System
  5. Other Offenses
  6. Offenses Against the Commonwealth of Virginia & Other State, Local & Federal Jurisdictions.

For a list of specific violations found within each category or to submit a Student Conduct Code complaint, go to

Sexual Misconduct

Victims of sexual misconduct are encouraged to report incidents of sexual misconduct. Victims of sexual misconduct can be assured that all reports will be taken seriously and that they will be treated with dignity, respect and in a non-judgmental manner.

Any staff, faculty, or other non-student member of the College community who becomes aware of possible sexual misconduct must report the possible misconduct to one of the College's Title IX Coordinators as soon as possible. (Excluded from this requirement are licensed counselors, clergy, and health care professionals.) If a student requests that his or her name be held in confidence, the report communicated to a Title IX Coordinator is not required to include personally identifiable information.

Roanoke College encourages individuals to report alleged sexual misconduct immediately in order to maximize our ability to respond promptly and effectively, however there is no time limit for reporting.

Cases of sexual misconduct should be reported to one of the Title IX Coordinators:

Cathy Dickerson, Director of Human Resources
(540) 375-2262;

Dr. Jennifer Berenson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
(540) 375-2204;

Dr. Brian Chisom, Student Sexual Misconduct & Associate Dean of Students
(540) 375-2592;

Anonymous reports of alleged sexual misconduct can be submitted in writing to any of the Title IX Coordinators listed above or by using the RC Cares online form (