Roanoke College

Warning Signs of Disruptive Student Behavior


How should I respond to a disruptive student?

  1. Remain calm and know who to call for help, if necessary. Find someone to stay with the student while calls to the appropriate resources are made. See the referral phone numbers on the front page of this guide.
  2. Remember that it is NOT your responsibility to provide the professional help needed for a severely distressed/disruptive student. You need only to make the necessary call and request assistance.
  3. When a student expresses a direct threat to themselves or others, or acts in a bizarre, highly irrational or disruptive way, call Campus Safety at ext. 2310 or dial 911 immediately.
  4. Stalking behaviors.
  5. Inappropriate communications (including threatening letters, e-mail messages, and harassment).
  6. Overtly suicidal thoughts (including referring to suicide as a current option or in a written assignment).
  7. Threats to harm self and/or others.