Green party

Party for a purpose

This event is to raise awareness about what all of us can do to reduce, reuse and save our environment! There is usually free organic food, art tables with recyclables, and biodegradable products! And last year, the local band Groovascape played in support of this good cause. View photos.


Power Shift

Power Shift is a national youth summit to solve our generation's energy & climate crises. 10,000 young people will share ideas, learn new skills, make connections, and establish a national voice for our generation. Roanoke College has taken a delegation of students for the past two years and helps subsidize the cost by fundraising. View the Power Shift website.

Greening Roanoke College's campus

Greening Roanoke College's campus

“One of the most important aspects of going green is simply the amount of energy that will be saved,” says Cassandra Lord ’10. “This is not only good for the environment, but it is also something that will be monetarily beneficial in the long run.”

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