Legal Studies Concentration

The Department of Public Affairs offers a Legal Studies Concentration. The concentration is interdisciplinary, drawing upon a variety of different perspectives regarding the nature of law, the role of law in society and law as a tool for social change. The concentration is designed to give students flexibility in selecting the classes that are most relevant to their future career plans or interests. It is primarily designed for students who are not majoring in Political Science or International Relations yet want to combine their majors with law-related courses.


Required Courses (4):

CJUS/POLI 214     The Judicial Process
POLI 250             Public Policy

CJUS/POLI 213     Criminal Law
BUAD 227             Business Law
POLI 312              Civil Liberties

POLI 311              American Constitutional Law
POLI 312              Civil Liberties

Electives (3):

BUAD 244             Labor Relations
CJUS/POLI 211     Criminal Justice
CJUS 227             Law and Society
CJUS 325             Comparative Law Enforcement
PHIL 122              Logic

one of the following if not offered as a requirement above:
CJUS/POLI 214     The Judicial Process
POLI 311             American Constitutional Law
POLI 312             Civil Liberties
BUAD 227            Business law

POLI 352             Human Rights Policy
PSYC 250             Social Psychology
SOCI 238             Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI 334             Criminology

CJUS/POLI/SOCI 261 Special Topics when appropriate; POLI 395, CJUS/POLI 401, 406, 416, or 495 topics when appropriate; any ILL 277 or Honors 301 course whose topic is appropriate and approved by the program coordinator.

Advisors: Dr. Todd Peppers and Dr. Harry Wilson




"At a different or bigger school, there wouldn't be an opportunity to do such research. I was a lot more prepared for law school because I have research skills."

Bridget Tainer '06, on her internship. Bridget did research for a federal judge.


Honorable James C. Turk '49 Endowed Scholarship:

The income from this endowment provides awards to needy students from Virginia and who intend to go to law school. This endowment was established by the Turk family.

Read the news release about the establishment of the program.