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How Roanoke is Different From Other Virginia Universities

  • Ninety-one percent of those who participated in the alumni survey indicated receiving job offers or an acceptance to graduate school within six months of graduation.
  • Many Roanoke students go on to graduate studies at top institutions including top Virginia universities. In fact, we are honored to have among our alumni two recent inductees into the national medical school honor society at the University of Virginia and a recent valedictorian at the Medical College of Virginia.
  • 95% of tenure-track professors have the highest degrees in their fields of expertise.
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  • Over 500 students either intern off-campus, study abroad or conduct student-professor research projects each year.
  • Roanoke College has over $19 million to fund scholarships and financial aid to qualified students.
  • The Princeton Review recognizes Roanoke for being among the “Best in the Southeast.”

Virginia's Only Lutheran College

There are no other Virginia universities that are based in the Lutheran tradition of higher education. In fact, Roanoke College is the country’s second oldest Lutheran college. The tradition of the Lutheran college education is one that encourages the inquisitive mind by acknowledging that critical thinking and spiritual growth are both required for each to flourish. Roanoke College was founded by two Lutheran pastors, David F. Bittle and Christopher C. Baughman in 1842.