Roanoke College

Attractions in Roanoke


Roanoke Star

Roanoke offers plenty of things to do and see. A trip to Roanoke isn't complete without visiting the Roanoke Star, which is a beautifully illuminated 100-foot star on top of Mill Mountain. It's visible from many parts of the city, and thanks to this star, Roanoke is known as "The Star City of the South." Directly in front of the star is an overlook, which offers stunning views of the city. View the Star Cam.

Mill Mountain Zoo

Also, Mill Mountain is home to the Mill Mountain Zoo. The zoo occupies 3.5 acres on top of the mountain and exhibits over 50 species of mammals, birds and reptiles including snow leopards, red pandas and Japanese macaques among many others.

National D-Day Memorial

The National D-Day Memorial is located in Bedford, Virginia. Deliberately sited to rise above the community that experienced this country's severest per capita losses on D-Day, the National D-Day Memorial reminds all who enter it of the heavy price that heartland communities have paid, and still pay, for freedom.

Other Colleges

Roanoke College is centrally located with many other colleges within driving distance. Go and visit your friends at these schools: James Madison University, Lynchburg College, Hollins University, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, Ferrum College, Virginia Military Institute, Radford University, Washington and Lee University, Hampden-Sydney College and Virginia Commonwealth University, among many others.