Roanoke College

Out-do the Expected


How can you out-smart yourself if you're smart already? By stretching and exploring your thinking and your options in ways you may never have thought of before-that's what we mean by out-smarting and out-doing yourself.

A special ability to teach students to always outperform themselves sets us apart. We teach our students to out-do themselves because the world needs people who want more than business as usual. The world needs people who can out-think, out-solve and out-smart the expected. 

A New Wave of Cancer Cures
Jeremy Johnson

Not many undergraduates are working on curing cancer. Roanoke junior, Jeremy Johnson, is. "My mother is a cancer survivor," says Jeremy who has received one of the top undergraduate science honors in the country-a Goldwater Scholarship.

Pursuing a Dream Career
Heather Duvall

Visiting the local Mill Mountain Zoo with her Animal Behavior class led to Heather's research on otters. "I'm interested in seeing how play and enrichment affects the otters' social behaviors." Heather's work helped her get a summer internship at Miami Seaquarium.

Fast Track to U.S. Ambassador
Adrian Gillem

With guidance from a handful of Roanoke professors, Adrian applied for two prestigious research scholarships and won them both. Next stop: a semester in Kyoto researching Japanese prime ministers and the reason many hold office for just one year.

Where Appalachian and Scottish Literature Meet Harry Potter
Emily Cranwell

Encouraged by her literature professor to apply for an English-Speaking Union grant, Emily Cranwell crafted an application to spend the summer before her senior year studying Scottish literature at the University of Edinburgh.