Roanoke College Alma Mater

Composed by Dr. Frank M. Williams (Professor Emeritus of Music)

Deep in our hearts, a flame is softly burning.
Deep in our thoughts, memories are returning.
Bells that are ringing, Choirs that are singing.
Bring back the joys that we have known.
Learning to live, and loving as we're learning.
Seeking to find the truths for which we're yearning.
Years come and go, but we'll always know that dear old Roanoke served us well.
To live once more, here in these hallowed halls.
To know once again all the joys that we used to know!
Some day the winter of life will pass before us, then we'll remember the place
that proudly bore us. Then we'll remember Alma Mater, Then we'll remember Thee.

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 The Roanoke College Choir singing the Alma Mater