Request Rooney for a Parade

General Booking Information:
Parade Name:
Parade Date:
Client Address:
Contact Phone:
On-Site Contact:
Parade Form-Up Site:
Parade Termination Site:
If different, is return transportation available?
Yes No
Length of Parade Route:
Transit Route by: Walking Riding in Vehicle
Form-Up Time:
Parade Start Time:
Completion Time:
Changing Facilities Available At Form-Up Site: Yes No
Parking: Yes No
Refreshments and Snacks Available On Route: Yes No
Transportation Required: Yes No
Distance from RC Campus: miles
OUTDOOR EVENTS ONLY: Perform rain or shine: Yes No
Parade Performance Requirements
Is the Mascot permitted to mingle with spectators along route? Yes No
Is the Mascot permitted to hand out promotional items? Yes No
Will other Mascots be present in the parade? Yes No
Will live animals be present in the parade? Yes No
Does our organization have other entries in the parade? Yes No