Senior Dinner & Bookcase Carving


Every spring, President Michael Maxey hosts the Senior Class Dinner at his home for all graduating seniors. The president and his wife give tours of their home while seniors mingle with friends inside the house and on the back patio. The roof also is a popular place for photographs, as it has a beautiful view of the neighborhood and the mountains in the background. The Maxeys provide hors d'oeuvres and beverages, creating a light and friendly atmosphere for conversation.

The chefs from Roanoke College prepare a dinner for the seniors, and the students become part of the cooking process by assisting the chefs with the dishes. At the end of the evening, all students are invited to go down to the basement of the President's home and carve their names into the bookcases that line the walls. Students clamor around the bookcases to find space to fit their name in between previous seniors' names. It is a timeless tradition, and it reinforces the close bond the senior class has with each other and the classes that have come before them.

2011 Senior Dinner & Bookcase Carving Pictures