Academic Departments


Majors : B.A. Biology, B.S. Biology
Minor : Biology

Business Administration & Economics

Majors : B.A. Economics, B.B.A. Business Administration
Minors : Economics
Concentrations : Accounting, Finance, Business Information Systems, Global Business, Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing


Majors : B.A. Chemistry, B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Biochemistry
Minor : Chemistry


Teacher Licensure Program
: Elementary Education, Secondary Education


Major : B.A. Literary Studies, B.A. Communication Studies, B.A. Creative Writing
Minors : Literary StudiesCommunication Studies, Creative Writing

Concentrations Africana Studies, Classics and the Ancient Mediterranean World, Gender Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Peace and Justice Studies

Environmental Studies

Major : B.S. Environmental Studies
Minor : Environmental Studies

Fine Arts

Majors : B.A. Art, B.A. Art History, B.A. Music, B.A. Theatre Arts
Minors : Art , Art History , Dramaturgy, Music , Theatrical Design, Theatre Performance
Concentrations : Classics and the Ancient Mediterranean World

Health and Human Performance

Majors : B.S. Athletic Training, B.S. Health and Exercise Science, B.S. Health and Physical Education, B.S. Sport Management


Major : B.A. History
Minors : European History, U.S. History, World History
Concentrations : Africana Studies, Anthropology, Classics and the Ancient Mediterranean World, East Asian Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Public History

Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics

Majors : B.S. Mathematics, B.A. Physics, B.S. Physics, B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Applied Computer Science
Minors : Computer Science , Mathematics , Physics, Statistics

Modern Languages

Majors : B.A. French, B.A. Spanish
Minors : French, German, Spanish
Concentrations : Hispanic/Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Majors : B.A. Psychology, B.S. Psychology
Minors : Psychology
Concentrations: Human Development, Neuroscience

Public Affairs

Majors : B.A. Criminal Justice, B.A. International Relations, B.A. Political Science
: American Politics, Foreign Politics
Concentration : Legal Studies


Majors : B.A. Philosophy, B.A. Religious Studies, B.A. Christian Studies
Minors : Philosophy, Religious Studies, Christian Studies
Concentration : AnthropologyClassics and the Ancient Mediterranean World, Gender & Women's Studies, Parish Youth Leadership


Major : B.A. Sociology
Minor : Sociology
Concentrations : Health Care Delivery, Information Analysis, Gender & Women's Studies, Anthropology, Crime, Deviance & Social Control

Pre-Professional Programs

Dual-degree Engineering

Program in coordination with Virginia Tech and University of Tennessee at Knoxville


Prepares students for graduate work in divinity and the ministry

Pre-health Professions Programs

Pre-med, Pre-pharmacy, Pre-dentistry, Pre-veterinary


Prepares students for law school

Roanoke College Professor Studies Effects of Global Warming

Roanoke College Professor Studies Effects of Global Warming

Munley’s 2005 lecture in Laos, “The Science of Global Warming,” centered around challenges posed against global warming over the past 100 years and why humans are the reason global warming is becoming such a hot issue.

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