Dr. DorothyBelle Poli - Resume / CV

Academic Family Tree

Dr. Adriance S. Foster

  • Dr. Earnest Giffor (UC Berkeley) and Dr. Katherine Esau (1931, UC Berkeley)
    • Dr. Dominick Paolillo (UC Davis)
      Emeritus Professor, Cornell University
      • Dr. Todd Cooke (1979, Cornell University)
        Professor, University of Maryland
        • Dr. Carol Auer (1990, University of Maryland)
          Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
        • Dr. M. Stephen Allstock (1996, University of Maryland)
          Chair of Biology and Director of Environmental Center, Anne Arundel Community College
        • Dr. Roxanne Fisher (1996, University of Maryland)
          Associate Professor, Chatham College (deceased)
        • Dr. David Ribnicky (1996, University of Maryland)
          Research Associate, Rutgers University
        • Dr. A Ester Sztein (1999, University of Maryland)
          Program Manager, Amazon Conservation Team
        • Dr. DorothyBelle Poli (2005, University of Maryland)

Dr. Poli Lab Students at Roanoke College

Grace Guido 2007
Hillary Hudgins 2007 Virginia Commonwealth University, Pharmacy School
Megan Sensabaugh 2007 Shenandoah University, PA program
Tamara Poles 2007-2008 Virginia Museum of Natural History, Outdoor Education
Erin Murphy 2007-2009 Naturalist at Oregon Zoo
J. Christian Conrad 2007-2009 Jefferson School of Medicine, PA program
Anne Wallace 2007-2009 Atlantic Vet School at Prince Edwards Island University, Canada
Geoffrey Bader 2008-2010 University of Virginia, MD program
Sara Blankership 2010
Bryan Piatkowski 2009-Current
Stephanie Vogel 2010-Current
Matthew Corbicz 2010-Current
William Bader 2011-Current
Jessica Branning 2011-Current
Brittany Burrows 2011
Laura Kellam 2011


At Roanoke College for Virginia Museum of Natural History (as faculty sponsor)

Laura Kellam 2010-2011
Brandi Neifert   2010-2011


Nominated as Academic Advisor of the Year at Roanoke College for Alpha Phi Omega 2009

Distinguished Teaching Assistant, Academic Year 1998-1999 (University of Maryland, Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics)

The A.J. Sharp Award, 2003 (Honoring the best student presentation in the American Bryological and Lichenological Society and Bryological and Lichenological Section of the Botanical Society of America at Botany 2003)

Distinguished Teaching Assistant, Academic Year 2003-2004 (University of Maryland, Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics)



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