Real-world Learning

Learning occurs in many places other than the classroom. In the Biology Department, students have a multitude of opportunities available from college and departmental programs as well as work in the Roanoke Valley and beyond.

Research in Biology Department laboratories are supported through three different programs described below. The Roanoke College URAP program supports students during the academic year, while the Roanoke College Summer Scholars program supports students during the summer. Many students do research for Independent Study credit through the department as well.

Undergraduate Research Assistants Program (URAP)

URAP is a program unique to Roanoke College where students work as research assistants with a member of the Roanoke College faculty on an original research project of interest to both the URAP scholar and to the faculty mentor.

Summer Scholars

The Summer Scholars Program at Roanoke College is a grant program that enables qualified students to conduct intensive, independent research for eight to twelve weeks during the summer.

Independent Study

Independent studies provide students with a practical application of their particular majors or more specialized study in a particular area.  


Traditional internships, while valuable, usually involve on-the-job training assignments, but some Roanoke internships incorporate a strong research component.  The application for an Internship in Biology can be found here.

May Term

May Term is a three week period during which students can participate in a wide array of Intensive Learning opportunities, including travel courses as well as on-campus courses.

Study Abroad

Roanoke College offers many study abroad programs that allow students to earn academic credit while outside the United States.

Roanoke gears up for annual Darwin Days

Roanoke gears up for annual Darwin Days

The plight of bees is the theme of this annual series of events that celebrates the life and accomplishments of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. The College's weeklong celebration begins Feb. 11.

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