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     The Roanoke Touch Project was initiated for the 2009-2010 Academic Year at Roanoke College. This program was a result of a grant from Arthur Vining Davis to Information Technology with the purpose of expanding the use of technology in teaching. The grant supplied each of the 35 faculty participants with an iPod Touch. Four members of the Biology Department, Dr. Rachel Collins, Dr. Chris Lassiter, Dr. DB Poli and Dr. Marilee Ramesh, participated in this project. As a group, we decided to combine our exploration of biology-related iPod Touch applications. We developed a central database to list those applications that we have identified along with our evaluation of their usefulness to teach biology. Our database provides the name of the application, its cost*, the discipline and our four star rating (**** is excellent, * is not so much). We also include comments about why we liked or disliked the application. This resource is intended to be available to our students and our colleagues, serving as a resource for others who may want to use this technology in learning or teaching. We plan to continue to add to our database as we find more biology-related applications.

     We invite our students and colleagues to suggest applications that might be appropriate for inclusion to this list. If you have found an application you think we might like to know about, please contact our webmaster, Dr Lassiter,, and provide us with the application name, cost, your name and a brief statement as to the usefulness of this application for biology.

     These reviews are the opinion of select faculty and students and do not reflect the opinions of Roanoke College.

* Cost can vary over time. The cost listed was accurate at the time of evaluation and may have changed.

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