Clubs, Honors and Awards


The Roanoke College Business Administration and Economics Department is home to many different clubs and organizations.  These groups allow students to network with fellow students and people already working in their field of choice.  This provides Roanoke students with opportunities to excel in their studies and builds a sturdy foundation on which to begin their careers.

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Honors and Awards

There are many honors and awards that are bestowed upon Roanoke students for their distinction and excellence in their programs of study.  The following awards of excellence may be given to either a business or economics student.

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Alpha Kappa Psi Key and Certificate

This award recognizes and rewards the scholastic achievement of a student of the senior class in the Department of Business Administration and Economics. The Award goes to the student with the highest overall GPA.

Outstanding Student Awards

Awards are presented annually to seniors in Business Administration and Economics who have excelled in their concentration or minor.

William A. Sandridge Award

This prize is given annually in honor of Dr. William A. Sandridge and is made possible by the faculty of the Business Administration and Economics Department. The recipient is selected by the department faculty from those graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities both within the department and in the campus community. The recipient is honored by having his or her name inscribed on the William A. Sandridge Plaque.

Senior Scholar

Annually, the department may recommend to the Dean as Senior Scholar a student whose work in each of our majors has been most exemplary. In order to be considered, students must have at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average and must have completed at least 25 units of credit, of which a minimum of 17 units have been earned at Roanoke College. Eligibility is determined from among currently enrolled students on the basis of their academic records as of the end of the fall term. Senior Scholars are recognized at the annual convocation on Family Weekend and receive a certificate at the Spring Honors Convocation.

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Passions defined: Roanoke student embraces college life

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