Internship Requirements

While internships must conform to the specific situation, these general requirements are to be met in order to receive passing credit.Interns at Work

1) Work: An internship can be a full-time (40 hr/wk) situation during the summer, or a part-time situation (8-10 hr/wk) during the normal semester. The minimum requirement for credit is 120 hours of work.

2) Signed Contracts: Student Interns must agree to the contract as approved by Pathways and the BUAD department. See StudentILO for student contract. Student Interns are also responsible for having their site supervisor fill out and sign our contract during the FIRST week of work. See SiteILO for site supervisor contract. 

3) Journal: Interns must keep a neat, complete, daily journal. The journal is to be reviewed by the internship director at least once a week. If the internship is conducted out-of-town, the student is responsible for emailing the journal to the internship director at the appropriate intervals. The daily journal should include: a) the number of hours worked b) a summary of the day's activities and c) a brief explanation of the nature of the work or the project, including interesting technicalities, problems encountered, and applications of course concepts to the work project. The journal is designed to be reflective, so we ask interns to be as candid as possible by including both the positive and negative experiences. The Internship Director will provide prompts during the experience to help facilitate higher order reflection. 

4) Cohort Meetings: Students will meet as a group throughout the semester receiving credit. Students must have available time to meet as a group during the semester receiving credit unless given special permission by the director.

5) Evaluation: Student Interns must complete an evaluation of the internship including a survey of experiences, and a reflection paper. The reflection paper should provide a final discussion of the type of work performed, what was most interesting about the assignment, what problems were encountered and how they were solved, and what course work was applied to the internship and how the course work was integrated together. See Student Evaluation Form for assignment. 

Students will also be evaluated by the firm. See Site Supervisor Evaluation Form for more details. 

6) An Internship Showcase: Student interns will each produce a poster about their internship and participate in a showcase at the end of the semester receiving credit (September for Summer Interns, December for Fall Interns, and April for Spring Interns). Posters should name and describe the company, describe the role as an intern, and list learning/project outcomes. They may include pictures of the site and/or the intern working. 



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