Student Managed Fund

Student Managed FundHeaded by Dr. Larry Lynch, BUAD322 was formed in January of 2004.  This presented Roanoke students with the opportunity to invest $500,000 in the stock market.  Unlike traditional portfolio simulators, which may encourage unrealistic and brash investment strategies,  the Student Managed Fund challenges Roanoke students to use their skills, innovation, and teamwork to responsibly grow a real investment porfolio.

When the class meets in West Hall, a fast-paced review of stocks ensues as students report on the stocks they are watching carefully. Students each have a sector to monitor and they also report on how the sector is performing and discuss any changes they may want to make in the investment strategy. Dr. Larry Lynch serves as the advisor of the student investors but a student manager runs the class.

The financial returns benchmarks for the students are the S&P 500 and the Lehman Brothers Bond index. So far the students' fund has beaten the benchmarks consistently. The $500,000 fund increased 47 percent and is now worth more than $685,000. That results in real gains for the endowment fund.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lynch by email or phone: 540-375-2413.

Roanoke alumnus named to Virginia health board

Roanoke alumnus named to Virginia health board

Tommy East, who is president and CEO of American HealthCare in Roanoke, manages the nursing home industry as a member of the state's board of health.

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