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TMI 2015 Program Overview

The mission of The Management InstituteSM is to provide the Roanoke Valley Business Community with a viable management education program that is timely, competitive, informative, and thereby assists in the continued educational development of middle and upper level managers. The Management Institute was developed by Roanoke College to meet the management training needs specific to the Roanoke Valley as identified by local business leaders. The Institute believes that continuous learning in today's changing environment is a critical necessity.

The Management InstituteThe 2014 Management Program is sponsored by The Management Institute, which is a part of the Business and Economics Department of Roanoke College. The program has been in operation for 26 years. The content of the program is continuously reviewed to determine the topics deemed most important for upper level managers.

What you can hope to gain as a result of this executive management education program:

  • A fresh look at analyzing, planning and implementing innovative programs in today's work place.
  • An excellent opportunity to interact with professional peers and knowledgeable faculty regarding basic issues of management.
  • An informal introduction to various businesses in the Roanoke area and the chance to learn from others in those businesses about what is most important to them.
  • An ongoing network comprised of Institute faculty and participants, who can offer support and encouragement regarding how to lead and manage individuals during the 21st century.

Candidates will be assigned to work in management teams throughout the semester. Case studies and other resources are incorporated into the core curriculum.

For further information about The Management Institute call (540) 375-2217, fax (540) 375-2577 or e-mail or Ms. Dreama Poore at (540) 375-2426,

Roanoke College economics professor appointed to state advisory board

Roanoke College economics professor appointed to state advisory board

Dr. Alice Kassens will serve on the Joint Advisory Board of Economists, which advises the governor and the secretary of finance on Virginia's economy.

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