Environmental Projects
I have sponsored several projects examining the sediments and soils surrounding Mason Creek.  A group of Gen Chem students did a small project looking a metal ion levels in the soils near a bridge construction project.  Jenny Winters (shown in the photo above), surveyed plant-available macronutrients at several sites.  Jenny found levels consistent with the known healthy state of the creek.  Lea Beaulieu took advantage of our furnace AA to look for trace metals that we could not examine earlier.
Education-related Projects
Several students have done projects intended to prepare educationally related materials.  These projects have involved the development of hands-on science activities suitable for use with elementary school students as well as development of an individualized set of high school chemistry experiments. 
Science Giants

Science Giants

Roanoke College enjoys a proud tradition of excellence in science that extends from the latter part of the 19th century to the present.

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