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Information on Graduate Schools

Graduate Program Links (Microsoft Excel file)
A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond
ACS Graduate Education Website
ACS Guide to Planning for Grad School

Information on Employment

ACS Careers
A comprehensive online career site from the American Chemical Society
Helpful site at Trinity University
What Can I Do With a Major in Chemistry?
Helpful site at UNC-Wilmington
Healthcare Related Jobs and Career Info

Other Chemistry Websites

Roanoke College Library
Specific links for Chemistry and Biochemistry!
Roanoke College Library
Chemistry E-books
The American Chemical Society.
ACS journals
Journals published by the ACS
The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Links for Chemists
A comprehensive international listing.
Another comprehensive international listing.
Chemicool Periodic Table
A graphical, searchable periodic table.
An excellent periodic table by Mark Winter.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Periodic Table
Try clicking on an element for more information.
Virginia Tech Web Site
Our friends down the road!
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
A simple to use first site to try.
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
A list of many sites providing information.
BRENDA - Information on Enzymes
A comprehensive database site with enzyme information.
IUBMB - Enzyme Nomenclation
Official enzyme nomenclature.
Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Society of Chemistry publications.
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Web site for Journal of Biological Chemistry.
Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
Site at Lemoyne College.
NIST Chemistry WebBook
Interactive databases of all kinds, including IR,
UV-Vis, and Mass Spectra.
Spectral Database System
Interactive databases of all kinds, including
NMR, IR, Raman, UV-Vis, and Mass Spectra.

Dr. Charles ‘Hap’ Fisher ’28 now celebrated as a witness to history

Dr. Charles ‘Hap’ Fisher ’28 now celebrated as a witness to history

“Throughout all my studies, history hasn't been as much fun as tonight,” Karim said. “It's firsthand experience hearing it from him and these people. This is just amazing.”

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