Chemistry News Archive - 2001

December, 2001:  SAACS sponsored Christmas party!

October, 2001:  Alumni Panel Visits.  On Monday, October 8th, a panel of distinguished alumni visited to discuss careers in Chemistry and Biochemistry with current students.

September, 2001:  Students report on summer research work at annual Roanoke College Summer Scholar event.

September, 2001:  Renovated Organic Chemistry Lab opens for business!  After a full summer of renovation, the new lab hosted its first class on Tuesday, September 4th.

Dr. Charles H. Fisher joins class for the first day.

Jon, Jared, Jamie, Amy and Christen get 
started in the brand new lab.

April, 2001:  2001 student awards in Chemistry/Biochemistry announced!  Click here to see this year's awardees, along with the awardee lists from the two previous years, in PDF format.

March, 2001:  Organic Chemistry Laboratory Renovation announced!  The Chemistry Department is pleased to announce plans to renovate the organic chemistry laboratory during summer, 2001.  The lab will have an all new design, including three full walls of fume hoods, one hood for every two students.  The laboratory is being named in honor of Dr. Charles H. Fisher.  Click here to see the dedication plaque text, in PDF format. 

January, 2001:  Special Dr. Charles H. Fisher Lecture announced!  The Chemistry Department is pleased to announce that the 2001 Fisher Lecture will be given by Sister Mary Virginia Orna, winner of many national Chemical Education awards.  The lecture, entitled "Doing Chemistry at the Art/Archaeology Interface" will be Thursday, March 15, 2001, at 7:30 PM in Massengill Auditorium.  Click here to see the flyer announcing the lecture, complete with the talk abstract.


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