Chemistry News Archive - 2002

December, 2002: Dr. Gail Steehler is recovering from a broken ankle and other injuries caused by a fall while decorating for the holidays at home. Best wishes for a prompt recovery!

December, 2002: Dr. Ron Oetgen and his wife hosted the annual departmental Christmas Party.

November, 2002: Search announced for a tenure track assistant professor of biochemistry. With Dr. Ron Oetgen's upcoming phased retirement, approval has been granted to hire a new faculty member.

November, 2002: The next chairperson of the department has been announced! As Dr. Jack Steehler completes his four year term and departs for a full year (2003-2004) sabbatical, Dr. Gail Steehler will become chair of the department July 1, 2003.

October, 2002: Dr. Kenton Whitmire (RC '77) presents special Alumni Seminar. Dr. Whitmire spoke on "Understanding the Effects of Main Group Elements on Transition Metal Clusters: Materials and Catalysis Applications." Dr. Whitmire is chairman of the Chemistry Department at Rice University.

October, 2002: Alumni Panel Visits. On Wednesday, October 9th, a panel of distinguished alumni visited to discuss careers in Chemistry and Biochemistry with current students.

September, 2002: Family Weekend 2002 included presentations by summer researchers from across campus. Chemistry and Biochemistry research presenters included Chris Berndsen, Mike Cinkala, Matt Poferl, and Mike Wolter.

September, 2002: We are pleased to announce that Roanoke College has been notified that the George I. Alden Trust of Worcester, Massachusetts will be contributing a grant of $75,000 toward the renovation of our General Chemistry laboratory in summer, 2003. We greatly appreciate their past and present support for our program.

August, 2002: The opening FOTQ included informational tables by student groups. Chris Berndsen and Amanda Bostick represented the Student Affiliates group.

August, 2002: A morning of student research presentations got the fall semester off to a great start. Chris Berndsen, Mike Cinkala, Matt Poferl, and Mike Wolter reported on their summer biochemistry and chemistry research projects.

April, 2002: Alumni Weekend was a success! Dr. Craig Bayse '92 got the weekend off to a good start with an excellent Alumni Lecture on comparing theory and experiment in organometallic reactions. Then on Saturday, over 25 returning alumni enjoyed tours of new labs, refreshments and good fellowship.

March, 2002: Alumni Weekend Reception planned! On Saturday, April 20th, the Chemistry Department will host a reception from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Conversation, wine & cheese refreshments, tours of two newly remodeled laboratories, and more! Come one, come all!

March, 2002: Alumni Weekend Special Seminar announced. On Friday, April 19th, Dr. Craig Bayse, '94, will present "Reactions of Metal Atoms with Small Organic Molecules" in Massengill Auditorium at 2:40 PM.

January, 2002: Organic Chemistry Laboratory Dedication. The new organic chemistry lab was named the Dr. Charles H. Fisher Laboratory of Organic Chemistry.

January, 2002: 2002 Dr. Charles H. Fisher Lecture Series speaker announced. On January 23, 2002, Dr. James E. McGrath from VPI&SU will give a lecture on Polymeric Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Nanocomposites for Fuel Cells.


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