News Archive 2008

December, 2008 Biochemistry and Chemistry students participated in the annual Salem Holiday Parade with a SAACS float (photos) and the annual Chemistry Department Holiday Party (photos).

October, 2008 Biochemistry and Chemistry students organized many National Chemistry Week events. Photos.

October, 2008 Biochemistry and Chemistry Alumni presented lots of career info at an interactive discussion panel on Oct. 22. Photos.

October, 2008 Our new GC-MS has been installed! It is already receiving heavy use.

September, 2008 Chemistry Department students put on the annual "Chemistry Magic Show" during Family Weekend. A packed house of more than 250 people were entertained by a variety of chemical demonstrations. Thanks to all who participated!

September, 2008 Chemistry students participated in the Summer Scholar Research Symposium during Family Weekend. Photos.

September, 2008 The Chemistry Department announces a "Mug Design Contest". Win a prize! Details.

2008 summer research group, (One student, Sarah, is not shown).

July, 2008 The Chemistry Department is pleased to be hiring a tenure track Physical Chemist for the 2009-2010 academic year.

July, 2008 The 2008 edition of the departmental newsletter has been published.

July, 2008 The Chemistry Department is pleased to announce that the National Science Foundation has awarded a 36 month grant to Roanoke College in support of our General Education laboratory courses. The project, "Real-Life Inquiry-Based GC/MS Experiments for General Education Chemistry Courses" includes a significant new emphasis on guided inquiry instruction in our 100 level lab courses for both science majors and non-majors. This open inquiry style involves more student designed experiments and significant discussion. The project also includes the purchase of a new GC/MS instrument, outreach workshops for area high school teachers, and extensive assessment activities. The successful grant was written by Dr. Jack Steehler and Dr. Ben Huddle.

July, 2008 Dr. Jack Steehler was recently named as the college's first Director of Student/Faculty Research. He has also been named as the Brian H. Thornhill Professor of Chemistry.

July, 2008 Dr. Jack Steehler's "Robots and Society" course (May Term) was featured in the July/August issue of The Roanoker Magazine.

June 2008 Summer research is well underway! Photos.

May 2008 The Chemistry Department hosted its first ever Graduation Reception on Friday, May 1st. Almost all of our graduates and their families were able to attend, and it was a great start for Commencement Weekend. Check out the photos!

April 2008 A large group of Chemistry Department faculty and students attended the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans! Some of them are pictured here.

April 2008 Dr. Robert B. "Chip" Cody (RC '76) presented a wonderful Alumni Weekend seminar: "From Chocolate to Chili Peppers to "CSI": Finding the Chemical Composition of Almost Anything by Mass Spectrometry"

April 2008 The Chemistry 480 Senior Seminar students presented a variety of special seminars, and posed for a nice picture, too!

February 2008 The Chemistry 280 Sophomore Seminar students presented an interesting set of posters during a well attended Enrichment Program event.

Kristen, Mallorie, and Ryan present their Chem 280 posters.

February 2008 The Chemistry Department is pleased to announce the hiring of a new faculty member. Dr. Tim Johann will join the department in Fall, 2008. His area of expertise is Biochemistry.

Dr. Tim Johann


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