2005 Family Weekend Chemistry Magic Show

Will Wolanski
(SAACS President)

Lee Henebry
(Hydrogen Balloons)

Zack May
(Liquid Nitrogen)

Brittany Cannon
(Liquid Nitrogen)

Zack May & Brittany Cannon
(Liquid Nitrogen)

Kalyn Niblett
(Flame Colors)

Peggy Harnos

Will Wolanski

Will Wolanski

Will Wolanski

Kimberly Berndsen
(Invisible Ink)

Lien-Thanh Kratzke
(Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream)

Amanda Hodge & Courtney Ashby
(Burning Steel)

Matthew Bryant
(Methanol/Water Flame)

Valerie Mann
(Gummi Bears)

Nitrogen Triiodide
(prepared by Dr. Gail Steehler)

Beth Tucker
(Gas Pressure)


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