Roanoke College

2005 SAACS National Chemistry Week


November, 2005 

SAACS sponsored a full week of NCW activities:
Monday:  Guess how many moles of Skittles are in the flask!
Tuesday: Chemistry in the Toy Store (Lecture and interactive activities)
Wednesday: Alumni Career Panel
Thursday: Breakfast at Denny's (6:02 AM)
Friday: Mason Creek Cleanup

Will counts Skittles (he didn't win the contest....)

Chemistry in the Toy Store was a fun event!

Designing "shrinky-dinks"...

Polyurethane foam!



More bubbles!

Baking soda

One of several shifts of workers at the cleanup.

Mason Creek, near a major road.

Not the usual glamour pose!

Hard work, good fun.

Not all trash fit in plastic bags...

Checking it out!

Big thanks to all who volunteered for this project!