Roanoke College

Chemistry Department 2006 Magic Show


September 30, 2006

More than 250 people attended.

An audience volunteer helped with a helium balloon demonstration.

Lien-Thanh gets ready for the hydrogen balloon demo.

Laura waits for her chance at the hydrogen balloon.

Hydrogen balloon magic!

Chad pours liquid nitrogen

Paul freezes the balloon and creates liquid oxygen.

SAACS President Samantha gets ready to demonstrate gun cotton.

Gun cotton!

Brittany finds a surprise (and real) message in the secret writing.

Zach asks the question in person.

I think we know what the answer was...

Peggy lights up the magnesium.

Flame colors!

Kelly demonstrates chemiluminescence.

Luminol chemiluminescence.

Courtney shows how not to burn money.

Bubbling acid/base indicators (with dry ice added).

Beth works with the indicators.

Hydrogen peroxide decomposes, and gives soap bubbles!
Mandy and Becca enjoy the moment.

Caitlin shows how atmospheric pressure can crush cans.

Emily demonstrates some color transitions.

Megan and Sophia show how pure oxygen can rust iron rapidly.

Alissa gets ready for a surface tension experiment.

Brittany and Zach show the Diet Coke / Mentos demo.