Roanoke College

Chemistry Department 2007 Magic Show


September 29, 2007

Aimee talks about hydrogen.

Aimee's hydrogen demo!

Tameka works with liquid nitrogen.

Paul and Tameka tell a LN2 story.

Paul sprays nitrogen vapors.

Jeremy gets ready for gun cotton.

Regular cotton burning.

Gun cotton exploding!

Samantha and Courtney work on LN2 ice cream.

Alex chats with the crowd.

Alex heating water in a balloon.

Jennalee burns magnesium.

Peggy gets ready for the "water gas" reaction.

The "water gas" reaction.


Kelly shows chemiluminescence.

Jessica makes polymers.

Chad demonstrates supersaturation.

Chad's stalagmite.

Nick burns a towel (not really).

Nick burns money! (again, not really)

Iron rusting...rapidly.

Antonietta rusts iron.

Amanda and the Dancing Gummy Bear.

Our traditional finale - Liquid nitrogen ice cream!