Roanoke College

Dr. Ron Oetgen's Retirement Reception


Roanoke College faculty and staff gathered on 5-3-06 to honor Dr. Ronald R. Oetgen on the occasion of his retirement from Roanoke College.  Dr. Oetgen served an impressive 39 years as a Roanoke College faculty member, teaching many thousands of students.  His teaching covered the range from Chemistry for non-majors to Organic Chemistry to Advanced Biochemistry.

Barb and Ron Oetgen

Dr. Ron Oetgen and President Sabine O'Hara

Sharon Day and Ron Oetgen

Dr. Ron Oetgen and Dr. Greg Weiss

The Oetgens and President O'Hara

A chemistry set to share with the grandchildren!

Sharon Day, Susan Millinger, and Gail McKee join Barb Oetgen in admiring Ron's new Roanoke College chair.


Drs. O'Toole, Warshawsky, Hollis, and Hill helped celebrate.

Professors Au and Nazemi

Barb Oetgen and Bob Jenkins

Barb Oetgen and President O'Hara

Dr. Ronald R. Oetgen