Student Affiliate Chapter

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

What is SAACS?

SAACS at Roanoke College is a group of students interested in chemistry and chemistry-related events. We are an all-inclusive group and encourage anyone to come to our meetings. All that we require is an interest in the sciences & professional development, and willingness to actively participate in the group's events. We represent just one of many active chapters nationwide who are affiliated with the American Chemical Society, a professional organization of American chemists in industry and academics.

The majority of SAACS members have registered with the National American Chemical Society (ACS). There are many reasons to join! National registration provides membership in an international association of chemists with millions of members worldwide. Membership offers many great opportunities to student affiliates such as reduced prices on ACS journals, and the ability to job search on the ACS Homepage.

If you would like to join SAACS or have any questions, please contact one of our officers, or our Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Kelly E. Anderson <> at 375-4971.

Officers for 2010-2011

Co-President: Lydia Bickford,
Co-President: Peter Booth,
Vice President: Katie Blaney,
Secretary: Kayla Muncy,
Treasurer: Jeremy Johnson,
Activities Coordinator: Hannah Nemec,
SGA Representative: Chase Board,

Recent Events & Pictures

Spring Picnic 2007
Magic Show 2007
Christmas Party 2007

RC Student Separates New Compounds

RC Student Separates New Compounds

“This is going to put me at an advantage, not only for graduate school, but jobs, as I’ll be coming in with 3 years of research experience.”

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04/16/15, Noon, C. Sarisky

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