Mission Statement

The Education Department at Roanoke College provides quality, integrative PreK-12 licensure programs.  In keeping with the College's purpose, markers of the liberally educated person are woven into each program of study including opportunities for balanced intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.

As a department, we strive to enable men and women to lead intellectually and morally in a complex  world.  Our teacher licensure programs are grounded in academic discipline, pedagogical theory and field-based experiences.  We recognize the roles of personal, community and cultural values and beliefs in shaping educational theory and practice.

Our purpose is to educate students for responsible lives of learning and servant-leadership and to develop within them a capacity for understanding justice, truth, liberty and community. We are committed to developing highly qualified teachers who understand the complex relationships among the student, the teacher, the community and learning.

Student-Faculty Pair Tackles Multicultural Teaching and Learning

Student-Faculty Pair Tackles Multicultural Teaching and Learning

“Having this opportunity to plan and implement lessons for a year has been a real benefit,” says Musgrove. “I know that the kids have also benefited – how could you not from learning about another culture?”

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