International Education Program Qualification Process

Alternative / International Field Placement Process

Student teaching candidates who have met all of the standard qualifications for admission to the education program, including the appropriate applications may seek permission to student teach outside the Roanoke Valley*, including international sites.  Candidates are not guaranteed this opportunity.

The decision to place a student outside the Roanoke Valley is made by the Education faculty.  The faculty considers whether the student's attributes meet the higher standards and expectations of an alternative or international placement.  Preference is given to students who have achieved a 3.0 GPA and have significant independent experiences which indicate success.  Such experiences might include, but are not limited to, global travel; multicultural, civic, and community service experiences.  The alternative or international placement must provide a unique cultural, curricular, and/or instructional opportunity that is not available in the Roanoke area.

Students seeking permission to teach outside the Roanoke area must meet the following guidelines:

1.  Admission to EDUC 490-491:  Student Teaching

  • Praxis I math completed successfully OR SAT/ACT equivalency met
  • Praxis II completed successfully
  • VCLA completed successfully
  • 2.5 or greater GPA:  overall, in EDUC/PSYC licensure courses, and in major (PreK-6) or licensure area content courses (6-12 and PreK-12)
  • EDUC 338 or competency

2.  Application to applicable educational site

3.  Student Teaching Travel and Contact Information form (if applicable), must be completed by October 1 in the fall semester and March 1 in the spring semester before student teaching.

4.  Two letters of recommendation from Roanoke College faculty and staff (outside of EDUC and TESL, and in addition to the references from student teaching application) addressing how your skills and understanding will enable you to work independently and successfully.  If studying abroad, the reference should also describe your understanding of cross cultural competency and your ability to adapt and adjust to life and work outside the U.S.  These letters may be written by the same individuals who completed the standard reference forms.

5.  An essay which combines three distinct personal attributes that, in sum, describe how you would represent Roanoke College in a positive manner.  The essay must be submitted to the Field Placement Director by October 1 in the fall semester and March 1 in the spring semester before student travel.

The essay should address each of the following elements:

A.  The elements of good citizenship and how you have contributed to your community, i.e. volunteering on or off campus, giving your support to family, colleagues and friends.

B.  Why you want to student teach outside the Roanoke Valley and how your skills and understanding will enable you to work independently and successfully.

C.  (International placements only) Your cross-cultural and/or global experiences (with dates) and a personal reference who knows of your experiences (with telephone number).  Reflection on how these experiences have shaped your understanding of cross cultural communication and your ability to adapt and adjust to life and work outside the U.S.

6.  Complete a cross cultural inventory.  (**International placements only)

7.  By October 1 or March 1, obtain a favorable/satisfactory state background check from the Virginia State Police or your home state police department.  Submit the documentation with your application.

8.  Interview with the Field Placement Director, Education Department Chair or International Placement Coordinator, and your Education Advisor.  If desired, you may ask your major advisor to serve on the committee.  Requirements 1-6 must be completed before meeting with the committee.  It is the student's responsibility to schedule the meeting.  The committee recommends to the Education faculty acceptance or denial for the requested student teaching placement.  If acceptance is denied, an appeal may be made to the Education Department Chair.  All appeals must be made in writing and include supporting documents.

9.  Submit $1,000 program fee to the Education Department.  Deadlines:  November 1 and April 1.

10.  Upon confirmation of placement, contact supervising clinical faculty member and principal (at school site)

11.  Secure appropriate teaching practice insurance.

12.  Attend student teaching seminar sessions.

A.  Orientation and pre-travel planning

B.  Portfolio, child abuse, blood borne pathogens, lesson planning

13.  Schedule meeting with Field Placement Director to complete required paperwork for licensure.

14.  Schedule Oral Defense date.

15.  Schedule field visit from an Education faculty member.

Additional Information

Alternative Domestic Placements: 

  • Arrange student teaching placement and provide a letter from the school's principal confirming the school is aware of requirements and willing to fulfill them.  The school must be accredited and approved by the Field Placement Director.
  • Secure an on-sight supervisor, arranging a $200 stipend for his or her work. three years of classroom experience and a Masters in Education are minimal requirements.  Approval is required from the Field Placement Director.

International Placements:

  • After the placement site is identified, write an informative essay on the country where the placement is made.  Address the topics of the country's history, schools, economics, culture, government, culture, and current issues.  If relevant, discuss U.S. military presence in the country.  The paper is due at the orientation seminar.
  • Arrange travel plans and complete the travel and contact information form, attach a copy of your passport.  Submit the paperwork to the Education International Program Director.
  • If student teaching abroad, attend briefing program conducted or approved by Roanoke College's International Education Program.
  • Secure health insurance appropriate for international travel.
  • Register with the U.S. State Department at
  • Complete all medical requirements recommended for international travel by Roanoke College Health Services.
  • Sign Roanoke College Waiver of Liability for independent Travel.

*  Roanoke Valley includes schools within City of Salem, Craig County, Roanoke City, and Roanoke County.  Schools in Botetourt, Franklin and Montgomery Counties, within a 30 minute drive of Roanoke College, are also considered Roanoke area placements.

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