Teaching Internships

The Teacher Education Program provides pre-service teachers with a minimum of two field experiences in PreK-12 classrooms.  In EDUC 338, Field-based Internship, pre-service teachers work with individual students, provide small group instruction, and teach short lessons.  In EDUC 490/491/491, Student Teaching, the pre-service teacher works in a classroom five days a week for an entire semester for a prescribed period of time.  The student teacher carries all the responsibilities for classroom instruction and management.  Other field experiences include an elementary reading diagnostic tutoring program (EDUC 370), volunteer tutoring, and class projects.

Roanoke Area Sites
Botetourt County Public Schools
City of Salem Public Schools
Craig County Public Schools
Roanoke Catholic Schools
Roanoke City Public Schools
Roanoke County Public Schools

Student-Faculty Pair Tackles Multicultural Teaching and Learning

Student-Faculty Pair Tackles Multicultural Teaching and Learning

“Having this opportunity to plan and implement lessons for a year has been a real benefit,” says Musgrove. “I know that the kids have also benefited – how could you not from learning about another culture?”

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